Thursday, March 6

MAC See Sheer.

MAC lipstick in See Sheer £15

I still have a very strong memory of going to the [jank] Macy's in downtown Los Angeles with my friend Annie to try on lipsticks at the MAC counter.  This was honestly my first foray into the brand: trying on a loud shade of orange and then prancing off to Spring Street for a coffee and book browsing.  And I remember feeling like I just could not get the formula to work for me.  Maybe I was choosing the wrong shades or the wrong finishes, but I always felt that the product caught on my lips in all the wrong places (or how I usually term it: I was a victim of the "chunky lip").

But that seems to be all in the past.  At least for these two shades.  You can see the post I did on Plumful (pictured right) not too long ago here.  See Sheer is just as good in terms of its smoothing-down power and has similar colour payoff.  I really like it because if it wears off, it doesn't look weird looking--a common problem for me and my bolder lip colours.  And in general it comes off as a deepened, enhanced hue of my own natural lip colour. I'd highly recommend this.

Here's a cheeky bonus photo of a swatch and how the lipstick is picked up by flash.

Friday, February 28

MAC Soft & Gentle.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

I find it impossible to photograph highlighter and thinking about it, I wouldn't want it to.  Highlighter is about catching the light during movement.  I've been in love with this number since Estée gushed about it and Chelsea so gorgeously blogged it.  It's the only highlighter I own, and its slight pink flush is enough for me to get away with not needing blush. This is a cult product for good reason.

Monday, February 17

MAC Eyeshadows for red hair.

MAC Orange & MAC Charcoal Brown in MAC Pro Palette X4

Welcome to my eyebrow palette. Also welcome to my bare knees, the dry patches on my forehead, and just generally being very close to my face.  This is the next edition of my MAC attack post.  I dye my hair red/ginger/orange, and I find filling in my eyebrows helps to tie in the colour to the face (ie. makes something fake look just the tiniest bit buyable).

I stopped by the MAC shop in Spitalfields Market and was advised to mix these two together, and I've been really happy with the result.  I use the bareMinerals brow brush: has super stiff bristles which is good for precision.  It did take some practice, and some days you can clearly tell I did my makeup in the dark because hello orange patch.  But overall, these two stay in place all day and I can make my brows as subtle or intense as I please.  Also both shades are great to use as eyeshadows as well.

If you're a redhead or are rocking the box dye ginge, I'm curious to know what you use on your brows.